Environmental satellite Sentinel – 5P ready for blast off

All systems are go for the launch of the European Space Agency’s latest satellite, Sentinel – 5P

As reported on the Euronews.com website (12.10.2017),

An instrument on board, called Tropomi, will measure pollution around the globe once a day, as it flies on a polar orbit mapping a multitude of trace gases. It is designed to answer questions about air quality and the ozone layer.

“You have one satellite instrument measuring the complete globe – it means that you have one calibrated instrument measuring everywhere – it means that you can compare the pollution levels in Europe directly with those in China and United States”

By measuring emissions, the sources of pollution and greenhouse gases can be identified. And scientists will be able to follow these globally, and track the efficiency of policies implemented to improve air quality and halt climate change.

Link for article/video: http://www.euronews.com/2017/10/12/environmental-satellite-ready-for-blast-off

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