1/2 hour’s moderate exercise a day is good for your health – and if outdoors – the environment

At the age of 56, I am like many men of my age – overweight. I am 6 feet tall (1.82 m) and weight 229 lbs (104 kgs). In an effort to lose I have tried dieting, cutting back on alcohol, eating just brown bread instead of white etc. but nothing works.

The summertime is not a problem as we have 4 hectares of land in our village and I spend most days maintaining it. It is the winters when, here in Poland, the cold weather descends and you are forced to spend a lot of time indoors.

Image result for man dog walking

I decided to start an exercise regime that is workable for my lifestyle (I work from home). I now do a 1/2 hour walk through the surrounding forest – the same walk every day – with my dog, and then a 45 minute walk – in more hilly terrain – on Saturday and Sunday.

Interestingly enough, according to the medical report on Donald Trump, the President is 6 feet 3 inches (1.90 m) and weighs 239 lbs, which puts him in the borderline obese category; in addition, he does not like to exercise and enjoys a fast food diet. This is normal for the USA where one in three adults are considered to be overweight and more than one in three to be obese.

Now, adults are supposed to do 2 hours 30 minutes a week of moderate intensity aerobic activity and 1 hour 15 minutes a week of vigorous intensity aerobic activity “for sustainable health benefits” (National Center for Health Statistics), and Trump’s doctor, Dr Ronny Jackson, states that some activity – e.g. Trump’s golf – is better than none.

Getting back home I feel invigorated, particularly if the weather is cold and snowing like today and the temperatures have been around -8 to -9 C (-14.4 to -16.2 F). Also, to be honest, I have been experiencing bowel problems and now these are clearing up, as I am combining this new exercise routine with a weekly probiotic and drinking c. 2 – 3 litres of filtered water/day (which I never did until I bought a sport’s bottle specifically for this – my kids liked it so much they now have one too).

Why is outdoor exercise good for the environment and your pet?

Walking outdoors, especially with a dog, can give a lot of pleasure. I start at 8.05am after dropping my daughter off at school so it is easy to get into the routine. I enjoy seeing how the weather changes and looking for signs of wildlife. There is an area I walk through that was by the side of the road and covered in litter so I simply took a rubbish bag and cleared it up one day as I could not stand looking at the plastic bottles, glass bottles and paper cups lying around. My whippet, Fifi, is also really enjoying the new routine and getting fitter.

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