Dramatic increase in vitamin prices!

I understand that there is currently a price increase in the prices of vitamins. China has temporarily closed some artificial vitamin producers – almost 60% of the world’s vitamin C producers are around the Beijing area – ordering them to put pollution controls in place before they can reopen again. According to Dennis Rijinders from DSM, “we are talking about a 50 to 60% reduction of the world’s capacity.” As such, this has led to production demands being put on European factories that they are having difficulty in meeting and so the price hikes.

Video: http://www.foodingredientsfirst.com/videos/turbulence-on-the-vitamin-c-market.html

Coupled with this, there was a fire at a German producer of vitamins A and E has also fuelled the price rises.

BASF vitamin A and E supply challenged after fire at German site

10-Nov-2017 By Jane Byrne

Vitamin A and E production at BASF in Germany has taken a hit following on from a fire at its aroma ingredients plant at the Ludwigshafen complex, near Frankfurt.


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