How Sweden and Poland are transitioning from coal to renewable energies / Jak Szwecja i Polska przechodzą z węgla na energię odnawialną / Hur Sverige och Polen övergår från kol till förnybara energikällor

Sweden gets more than half of its energy from renewables but how is the rest of Europe doing when it comes to generating clean power?

Sweden is one of the leading lights when it comes to energy transition in Europe. The Nordic country gets more than half of all its energy needs from renewables. By 2045, it plans to be carbon free. The Scandinavian state’s success, however, is in stark contrast when compared to others. 

Despite the EU setting transition targets for 2020, some countries continue to lag behind. For instance, Poland still remains deeply reliant on coal to generate its energy. With so many jobs dependent on the fossil fuel, there is an obvious reluctance to change.


Marek Wystyrk is a former Polish miner. He admits that transitioning to cleaner fuels is necessary but still believes coal has a future.

“I think we have to use our wealth of coal. I’m from a coal-mining family. But I know that we have to facilitate change because of pollution and our climate,” he says.

Marek steered his eldest son, Szymon, towards a high school specialising in green energy. For Szymon, the change can’t come soon enough.

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