Why This Kentucky Entrepreneur Is Looking Beyond Coal To Renewable Energy – Forbes

KEVIN, MT – JULY 31: Wind turbines on private working ranch land on July 31, 2017 near Kevin, Montana. The Rim Rock Wind Farm is operated by NaturEner USA with 126 wind turbines over 21,000 acres of private land. The wind farm generates 189 MV, enough electricity per year for 60,000 households. The Acciona AW 77 1.5 MV turbines are 262 feet tall. Each blade is 118 feet long. (Photo by William Campbell-Corbis via Getty Images)

It took a child from Kentucky’s coal country to rethink how we source our energy. Kiran Bhatraju grew up in eastern Kentucky. At 22, though, he was working on Capitol Hill as a legislative director where he says he learned about the “arcane way utilities are structured, and how they produce and price energy.”

Looking back, he says, “We would joke that if Edison came back today, he wouldn’t think anything had actually changed since he built the first utility!”

In 2014, Bhatraju launched Arcadia Power, a nationwide energy service that gives customers the best price possible for clean energy. The process for customers is pretty straightforward: connect your utility bill with Arcadia Power, and automatically 50 percent of your energy will come from renewable sources, notably wind. Members then have the option to opt into other programs: 100 percent wind power, community solar, and price alerts (the latest benefit, price alerts is only available in select states: New York, D.C., Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maryland, and Connecticut).

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