Putin’s secret bankrollers – How the president’s re-election campaign relies on contributions from sponsors tied to Gennady Timchenko and Moscow’s governor

A billboard in Kazan promoting Vladimir Putin’s re-election campaign, January 23, 2018 Egor Aleev / TASS / Scanpix / LETA

Russia’s next presidential election will take place on Sunday, March 18, and Vladimir Putin will win. As always, the incumbent president has refused to participate in any debates, but his campaign has been busy blanketing the country in billboards and other outdoor advertisements. This year, Putin’s sponsors aren’t individual people or companies, but the political party “United Russia” and a group of 22 affiliated nonprofits. Meduza presents an investigation by Roman Shleynov, a regional editor at the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), about the organizations sponsoring Putin’s re-election campaign and what they have in common with Moscow Governor Andrey Vorobyev, entrepreneur Gennady Timchenko, and the relatives of several high-ranking state officials and politicians.

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