The death knell for Michael Cohen: Stormy Daniels lawyer predicts Michael Cohen will ‘flip’ on Trump | US news | The Guardian

When Michael Cohen saw ‘The National Enquirer’ headline denouncing him, he would have known the game was up. Now let’s see what Robert Mueller can squeeze out of him pertaining to any illicit acts he may have been engaged in.

“That Michael Cohenis in a lot of trouble and he’s going to flip on the president.” Michael Avenatti [Stormy Daniels’ lawyer] said. The new edition of the National Enquirer tabloid, meanwhile, takes aim at Cohen under the headline: “Trump fixer’s secrets and lies!” The paper is owned by a Trump ally, David Pecker*, and is often seen to do the billionaire’s bidding … “This [National Enquirer cover] is the first effort on their part to undermine Mr Cohen’s credibility so they can claim when he does flip that he’s a liar,” Avenatti said, adding that it was “a pretty safe bet that Mr Trump … knew everything about this cover”.

*Trump – David Pecker relationship:

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