The Israeli-Palestinian divide should take a leaf out of the Northern Ireland conflict resolution

The Palestinians and Israelis hate each other just as the Irish Catholics and Protestants did. Now the only way this conflict ended was due to economic growth.

The Israelis have to realise they will always have a hornet’s nest on their borders if they keep the Palestinians cooped up with no prospects of improving their lot. Instead of imposing an economic blockade, they (and the Anericans) need to start offering economic benefits to the Palestinians, starting with compensation for their lost land, in order to bring them to the peace table.

Kushner is immensely unqualified for developing a peace plan. There is all this talk of the US announcing a new plan, but I honestly think they have nothing new in the pipeline.

The Israelis should stop treating Has a like a ghetto. They need a radical change of approach. Trump will only be around for so long so they need to think more long-term about peace with their neighbours.

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