Khashoggi: Trump defends Saudi Arabia as Pompeo heads to Turkey | World news | The Guardian

You can already see Trump’s tactics of smoke and mirrors here.

He has sent Pompeo on a trip to Saudi to ascertain the truth. And Pompeo comes out with the starement hat the Saudi royal family will fully investigate Khashoggi’s murder – which is laughable If MbS is involved, then it is like the murderer investigating his own murder.

Secondly if these were so-called ‘rogue killers’, then why did the Saudi’s initially state that Khashoggi had left the consulate, and how was the body cut up at the Consular-general’s house?

Thirdly, the world has no idea about Trump’s and Kushner’s business dealings with the Saudi royal family as Trump has refused to disclose his tax returns. So to what extent is he covering up for his Saudi allies in his robust defence of them?

Fortunately the world’s media is the driving force behind seeking out the truth – not the Saudi’s and certainly not Mike Pompeo who is a complete Trump lackey simply doing his master’s bidding.

So, let’s see what really happened and who was responsible, and the US Congress must act if Trump fails the take any action over a brutal torturing and murder of a world-recognised journalist.

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