Save 6M acres of Florida wetlands from destruction

The Trump administration’s new definition of federally protected wetlands would strip protection from half of Florida’s wetlands.The move is being celebrated by real estate builders, commercial farmers, and golf course developers who see the wetlands as a hinderance to their money-making schemes.

Sign this petition to demand that Congress pass legislation protecting this land once and for all.

Under Trump, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has repeatedly gutted regulations meant to save our environment from destruction. And this latest move is yet another blatant attempt to help Trump’s billionaire cronies make more money at the expense of everything we hold dear.

Florida is home to 12 million acres of wetlands, including the unique and beautiful Everglades. Destroying this delicate ecosystem with commercial development would endanger the habitat of countless animals, as well as the state’s water quality. It would make the Red Tide — a toxic algea bloom that’s killing off turtles, birds, and dolphins — even worse.

Act now to demand that incoming congressional leaders immediately take steps to protect Florida’s wetlands before it is too late.

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