A Record of Mankind’s Degradation of Planet Earth launched in July 2017 as a database of media articles, reports, videos and books that are all connected to the issue of environmental degradation.

The website’s aim is to be entirely objective and independent. Because it is currently privately funded, there are opportunities available for ‘In Association With…’ Sponsors as the site seeks to move to an independent web-hosting platform and to broaden its research objectives.

To our knowledge there is no similar research database in existence collating and categorising all of the above media. This is what we believe makes this website unique in terms of tracking the major environmental developments impacting and shaping our planet.

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Sponsorships policy
Sponsors will be vetted for their environmental credentials and initiatives. At no stage do they have a say in which stories this website covers, which people we interview or how we present our editorial content, nor do sponsors review or approve any content before it is published.